Patapon 2

PSP Saves - UCUS98732

Icon Filename Description
Patapon 2 Demo (UCUS98732) Save File for obtaining bonus Lordly Hairpiece helm
Patapon 2 my hardwork from patapon1 but not its weapons
Patapon 2 Start After 2 Mission Fully Stocked (Except for eggs)
Patapon 2 same as last save 2 more weapons,2 new ultimate masks ultimate Komupon team + ultimate hero patapon keep in toripon mode does of 4000 DAMAGE PER ATTACK IN HERO FEVER. take as thanks people for making save a popular one
Patapon 2 Name=Kami/75% completed/cash=999999999/LOTS of rare items, weapons, and armor/Minigames and JUJUs may need unlocking…
Patapon 2 Game 100% complete some heroes hero masks and juju’s may need unlocking cash around 60000 one each of divine weapons 2 demon weapons unlocked all patapon classes unlocked powerful army
Patapon 2 2 saves in folder one save game complete other save right after getting revivng tree of life both 99999 kaching 99 everything all patapon classes unlocked all patapons and rarepons at level 10 99 all weapons and helms ultimate saves!!!!!!
Patapon 2 Awesome weapons, all miracles, secret ruin maps (including Grey rainbow) and MUCH MORE!!!! Download!!!!!!!!!!!!