Tales of Eternia

PSP Saves - ULES00176

Icon Filename Description
Tales of Eternia 00000763.zip Saved before trial 1
Tales of Eternia 00000765.zip Save before trial 3
Tales of Eternia 00000767.zip Saved before trial 2
Tales of Eternia 00000769.zip Inferia 1891 Gald Reid Lv 10, Farah Lv 9 and Meredy Lv 8
Tales of Eternia 00000770.zip Save before switch. Test for Volt Glitch
Tales of Eternia 00000772.zip saved on orbus barrier level 76 all skills learned for reid missing two skills for farah and all craymels obtained inc sekkundes and maxwell
Tales of Eternia 00000773.zip This has all characters on lvl 22 with lots of very good weapons. Just saved right after defeating Wind Craymel
Tales of Eternia 00000775.zip First game defeated, beginning of “New Game +”
Tales of Eternia 00000777.zip New Game + Completed (All optional bosses defeated) Party around lv 65
Tales of Eternia 00000781.zip (Hacked Save) Saved just before you meet meredy for the first time, take one step and you will instantly be in a fight, when battle is over you will be lvl 250, with max gold and 7 of all items (except key items!)
Tales of Eternia 00000787.zip Before final boss in Mania, with 1036k Gald and all characters at Level 250
Tales of Eternia 00000789.zip Game saved right after the slot puzzle at Ruins of Volt; for those who are having the game freeze at this point in the game.
Tales of Eternia 00000779.zip 3 saves.1st Hardcore mode upto Nostos Cave.Most skills learnt. 2nd new game* with carried over monster collection&collections book 98%. 3rd a perfect reflection of my guide. 99%, with Lvl81chars 9999hp+999tp