Power Stone Collection

PSP Saves - ULES00496

Icon Filename Description
Power Stone Collection 00001270.zip All Secret Book pages unlocked in Power Stone 1 and 2 (includes all characters, special items, Bomber Battle multiplayer mode and all extra Stages). Also all the Power Stone collections menu unlocked.
Power Stone Collection 00001271.zip Complete with everything, include all character, items and mini games for powerstone 1 and 2. THE ULTIMATE FILE TO PUT IT SIMPLE
Power Stone Collection 00001273.zip 97% Complete File! All Secret Book Pages for Power Stone 1 and 2; 126/133 Items, Light Stone Received, Emperor Crown Buyable, Only Items with 0 are non-weapons; 22/22 Materials; 8/8 Essences; 10/10 Texts; All VMU Games Unlocked
Power Stone Collection 00001274.zip Everything that is unlockable in the game is here (characters, stages, modes, items, etc.). Also contains All - 2 mix combos as shown in the Item Book. See my FAQ for them