PSP Saves - ULUS10018

Icon Filename Description
PoPoLoCrois 00001284.zip Third Book (game) CHapter 2 - Level 20. Gabo is level 15 or so. Good amount of items best equipment so far
PoPoLoCrois 00001285.zip The Begining of The Dark World
PoPoLoCrois 00001286.zip Dark King - Chapter 3 - around lvl 20 - Next up is Cave of Kings, back to boat town, final location then and end of 2nd game.
PoPoLoCrois 00001287.zip PoPoLoCrois - Book IV-Goddess Maira:Darkness
PoPoLoCrois 00001288.zip Book 3 - Chapter 4 - levels are 24,26,28 - up to date equip - on island, just head down dungeon to fight boss and continue story.
PoPoLoCrois 00001289.zip The Begining Of Book 1
PoPoLoCrois 00001290.zip Great save. Right before the last boss. Saved at the PoPoLoCrois Town Inn. Characters are very highly leveled. Enjoy ^_^
PoPoLoCrois 00001291.zip Album save file - load this to bring up a menu with all of the anime cutscenes. All available