PSP Saves - ULUS10061

Icon Filename Description
Tokobot Valve Air Ruins 2
Tokobot 8 hearts - all moves except final one - right at the Fuel boss fight at the Kingdom
Tokobot Savepoint at Canewood’s Lab, 4 levels unlocked, 6 tokobots
Tokobot Crank Belt, only 3 abilities left. Have 6 ‘bots, 2 where stolen
Tokobot Game beaten, Time Trial unlocked, all 8 moves, all hearts, Collection Rate 76%
Tokobot A little ways into Grinder Valley - Just got Hammer move
Tokobot Save right before last boss - 8 hearts
Tokobot All hearts found, all time attacks unlocked and beaten, Encyclopedia at 96%
Tokobot Game Cleared, All Hearts, All Moves, Enemy Encyclopedia Completed, and Time Challenge Unlocked.
Tokobot Game beaten 100% Collection Rate Enjo