Ys Seven

PSP Saves - ULUS10551

Icon Filename Description
Ys Seven 00000349.zip Save before last boss. Nightmare mode. Adol level 67. 2.2m gold. All ultimate weapons and armors. All Quests completed.
Ys Seven 00000350.zip Save before last boss. Normal mode. Adol level 59. 1.7m gold. All items. All ultimate weapons and armor. All Synthesis, Monster Book and Quest complete.
Ys Seven 00000351.zip Normal Mode. Team Level 99. All Quests, Equipment, Synthesis. All Monster Book (except final boss and “Knight of Despair”). No cheats, codes, stats boosts used. 58 million+ gold. Clock at 156 hours+.
Ys Seven 00000352.zip Beginning of game, Max cash, Hard difficult